Monday, April 27, 2015

Butterfly Garden Update - April 2015

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This garden was a mess when we moved here and I have slowly been figuring out what works in this space. It is the sunniest spot in the yard. There are lots of bulbs planted which appear haphazardly. There were two trees but they both have been replaced, by a crabapple tree several years ago and a crepe myrtle last year. There is a peony, seedum autumn joy and a Montauk daisy as well as daffodils and day Lilly's all thriving after 17 years.  I've added a hosta that was divided years ago and it is also now getting too big. There are light green spider grass plants and some black mondo grass that I love, both planted two years ago.

Moving Bulbs:

I spent this weekend moving spent daffodil bulbs to a more central less random location. I hope they adjust. This is a hard thing to do mentally because the flowers are so pretty blooming, it is hard to dig them up and risk traumatizing them, but if they don't make it, that will leave room for other things.  There are several other new bulb growths I want to move, but they haven't bloomed so I don't know what they are. Hopefully they will be happy surprises!

Weed barrier nightmare:

Last fall I put down weed barrier, and there are some daffodil a that popped right through and some that didn't. I ended up cutting away this weed barrier in several places, and the daffodils underneath aren't very happy, they are downright sad and yellow. I hope they can get enough sun to recoup themselves.


No signs of life yet:

A few years ago I planted three butterfly bushes. Last year one didn't make it and I replaced it. There is no signs of life yet. There is Indian grass that is still dormant. The crepe myrtle planted last year hasn't shown any growth yet, this winter was rough on my fall planting season, I hope this tree makes it.  There are some Allium bulbs I planted last fall starting to grow, I can't wait to see them!

Future thoughts:

I'm pretty happy with this garden as it is now.  I may fill in some of the daylillies because I have some big holes in the bed.  Please feel free to comment on any ideas you have for this garden area.

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